Comparison of MyHome automation system with and without MyOmBox

The benefits of MyOmBox on MyHome home automation system

Last update of this article December 10, 2017.

The MyHome Home Automation products from Legrand, Bticino and Arnould are very design, performance and enable via dedicated applications, remote control of our homes. The main weakness was, in my view, the difficulty in finding a simple and powerful software that can meet current consumer expectations. That’s why I decided to get involved, financially and personally, in this project to provide people who want an alternative to existing applications.

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MyOmBox's Câbles

MyOmBox’s installation guide

You will find below the latest version of our help document to the installation of your MyOmBox  system. If you have any comments or questions you can contact us by leaving a comment on this page.

IMPORTANT: You should never disconnect electrically MyOmBox without turning off the system before using the button “Stop MyOmBox” on the administration (“General Options”> “Settings”). MyOmBox is equipped with an SD card; disconnect the power supply without turning off the system can cause damage, cause data loss and irreversible dysfunction. Never remove or swap SD cards from MyOmBox boxes. For licensing reasons and network configuration that can cause malfunctions.

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Tutorials and news about MyOmBox, designed for MyHome automation by Legrand Bticino Arnould