New installation guide for MyOmBox Plug & Play 2017/2018 version


Below you will find the online version of our MyOmBox Installation Guide for Plug & Play 2017/2018. This only concerns access to your MyOmBox system. As for the configuration of MyOmBox with your home automation system, it must first have been installed by one of our installers (a professional or a person with good computer and home automation knowledge).

IMPORTANT: You must never electrically disconnect the MyOmBox box without first turning off the system using the “Stop MyOmBox” button in the application. MyOmBox is provided with an SD card, therefore unplugging the power supply without shutting down the system can cause damage, loss of data, and irreversible malfunctions.

You must never remove or exchange SD cards from MyOmBox boxes. For license and network configuration reasons this may cause malfunctions.

Installation recommendations of MyOmBox 

In order to ensure optimal operation of MyOmBox, you must respect the following rules:

* Keep the box away from other electrical appliances that may cause interference.

* Place the box in a ventilated place and away from sources of heat.

* If you have electrical problems (overvoltage, power failure, voltage drop …), invest in the inverter installation to which you connect the MyOmBox mains power supply to protect the system.

Example of inverters: FSP Nano 600Eaton Ellipse Eco 500.

Installing your MyOmBox

Before using MyOmBox, you must apply an installation process detailed below. If you encounter any problems, we advise you to call your installer.

1 – Your local network / ADSL box must be configured in DHCP at least for the first launch of MyOmBox. Most internet boxes are configured by default in this mode.

2 – Connect the supplied RJ45 network cable to MyOmBox and your router or ADSL box.

network connection of myombox
network connection of myombox

3 – Connect the power supply and wait at least 3 minutes for MyOmBox starts.

electrical connection of myombox
electrical connection of myombox

4 – Then you must put your smartphone in wifi mode so that your phone is on the same local network as MyOmBox. This is necessary for automatic configuration (only during the first launch).

5 – Now you can download or update the MyOmBox application from your AppStore or PlayStore and launch the application. If your system is well connected, you normally do not have to do anything else. It will connect automatically, whether from home or from outside.

6 – If your system has already been setup by your installer you can directly connect and use MyOmBox. If you have never set up your MyOmBox then you need to connect to MyOmBox from a tablet or computer. Retrieving the local address of your MyOmBox by clicking on “My parameters” from the home of your mobile application, or by following our old notice.

If you want to know all the tips of our system, we advise you to read the information available on the MyOmBox interface and regularly check our blog at the following address:

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