Installation screens of MyOmBox for the MyHome Play Legrand and Bticino system


You are the new happy owner of the MyOmBox for the installation of a Zigbee rado equipment or a cabled MyHome bus/scs of your future connected home. You have already gone through the steps of our tutorial on the connection of your MyOmBox and therefore know how to access it.

You thus have all the necessary material to implement a new basic myHome Play radio network.

As explained in the start guide, after launching your computer’s browser (on Mac, by typing http://myombox.local or on PC, with the MyOmBox box’s IP address, for example 192.168.x.xx), you should automatically be redirected towards the setup interface of MyOmBox.

This is the first window you will see from this interface which is only for the first configuration of your MyOmBox. You may then use the box’s admin interface for any future modification.

Choix de la langue de l'interface MyOmBox
Choix de la langue de l’interface MyOmBox


1 – Selecting a language

The very first step is the selection of a language for the interface. I will choose French, but feel free to select one which is more suitable to you.

2 – Elements that need configuring

The 2 following images illustrate the choice you need to make with the elements that need configuring. In this case (installation of a Zigbee MyHome Play network radio), you have to tick the “MyHome Radio” box only. All the other boxes are only useful if you also own the BUS/SCS cabled electric equipment, allowing for a dual setup.

3 – Organize your display

Based on the number of electric devices connected, you can think of the most practical, ergonomic menu display or simply one that will best match your personality or the organization of your connected house.


As stated in the initial explanations, you can change the order of the sections or change their name. It couldn’t be easier, simply click on the small arrows located to the right of the number in the « Position » column.

If the following message “Check your internet connection & automated server” is displayed, this means you have either type a wrong IP address for you BUS cabled gateway, or that you do not have a BUS gateway but only a MyHome Play Radio USB Gateway. This configuration page is only aimed at automated cabled devices. Go back to the screen of selection of electric devices and only select “MyHome Radio” in this case study.

Install-5 Vérifiez votre connexion

4 – Configuration of myHome Play devices

Here is the setup screen for myHome play radio devices. The elements shall be automatically detected, but they may not be displayed following temporary issues of gateway listing. If this is the case, validate your blank setup in order to complete the setup of your MyOmBox. You may then, from the admin interface, add devices manually.

Liste des produits connectés en myhome play
Liste des produits connectés en myhome play

5 – User names configuration

MyOmBox and the Zigbee radio network are protected. To do so, you need to configure the admin and user’s usernames. These two “entities” may be separate or you could be simultaneously admin and user. This is the case for me.


The admin and user’s name may be short (like mine) but the passwords must be composed of at least 8 characters. A subtle combination of numbers and letters is much appreciated! However, do not overcomplicate things by using special characters when it comes to your name. This could lead to authentication issues. Think of putting down a valid email address. This will be useful if you ever lost or forgot your connection settings.

6 – End of setup

Once the setup process is complete, you may choose to navigate between the admin interface of MyOmBox (to finalize your configuration) and the user interface which will allow you to navigate your connected home!

You will not need to renew this operation, unless you wish to perform a reset of your interface. To do so, click on the button « General Options » and in the pop-up window, click on “Ressetting MyOmBox”. Then, select in the drop down menu the following option “Reinitialize MyOmBox” and click on “Save”.

fin de l'installation de myombox
fin de l’installation de myombox


It is advisable once your system is operational to make a backup of your configuration from the administration of MyOmBox (Data >> Backup). We also recommend that you make a backup after each update.

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