Hey Siri, how to control my MyHome Bus & MyHome Play system with Home app for iPhone / iPad ?

Hello everyone,

As MyOmBox updates have been a little less numerous this year (due to other projects developed by our company Wobility), we wanted to make you a little surprise for Christmas with a new update, and not just any ….! “This is a revolution” as Steve Jobs would say 🙂

After adding the possibility of using Google Home via our API and IFTTT, we propose you to be able to control a part of your Legrand / Bticino home automation via Apple’s “Home” app and the HomeKit system with voice control “Hey Siri “. And that is compatible MyHome Play and MyHome BUS!

MyOmBox compatible homekit for myhome legrand bticino
MyOmBox compatible HomeKit for MyHome Legrand Bticino

Compatible hardware in version 1.1 of MyOmBox / HomeBridge

MyOmBox is not officially Apple HomeKit certified and uses the HomeBridge system that  we are making available at no cost.  Therefore it is possible in some cases that it does not work perfectly … (The visual design and some features are not provided for the HomeKit system.) However, we wanted to give our customers maximum possibilities. It is possible for example to launch MyOmBox scenarios from HomeKit via a switch button. (which will start the scenario when the switch is activated and deactivated without status feedback (since HomeKit is not intended to launch scenarios other than its own automatisms). You are free to use or not this type of accessory…) 

We advise you to test all the elements that you want to control with HomeKit, if some do not work correctly it will be necessary to deselect them.

MyHome Play: Lights / Dimmers / Controlled Outlets  YES (light type button)
MyHome Play: Electric shutters  YES (shutter type button)
MyHome BUS: Lights / Controllers  YES (light type button)
MyHome BUS: Dimmers  YES (dimmer type button)
MyOmBox: Groups of lights  YES (light type button)
MyOmBox: Shutter groups  YES (shutter type button)
MyOmBox: Scenarios box  YES (switch type button without status feedback)

Setting up your HomeKit system on MyOmBox

We have simplified the installation process as much as possible but you still have a few clicks to do 😉 So that everything goes well thank you to follow precisely these explanations.

1 – First, you must update your MyOmBox in Version 1.1! For this please go to the administration of your MyOmBox from your computer and click on the update link at the top right (or go to http: //myombox.local/update/ from Safari). BE PATIENT this can take up to 30 MIN …

2 – Only for the MyHome BUS system: once MyOmBox 1.1 has been updated, you must go to your administration and then click on “MyHome”> “MyHome gateway” and enter the password of your gateway (default 12345). Click on “Test connection” and then on “Validate this configuration”. If the password does not work, we invite you to contact your installer to help you set up your system.

3 – Always on your MyOmBox administration, click in the menu on “Connected objects”> “HomeBridge”. You must first enter a “HomeKit Code” in the form (123-45-678 for example). Then click outside the box to save the code.

HomeKite system configuration on MyOmBox for House application
HomeKite system configuration on MyOmBox for House application

4 – Then you must select all the elements that you want to control from your iPhone or iPad and click on “Save changes” at the bottom of the page. You can not with HomeBridge have 2 accessories that have the same name. For example you can not call a light “kitchen” and a shutter “kitchen”, it stops the system!

5 – Once your configuration file has been created (step 4) you can change the HomeBridge status and activate it. You must wait 3 or 4 minutes for the system to load correctly.

6 – Then you can use your iPad or Apple TV if you want to use it as “Concentrator”, which allows the creation of automation and remote control out of your home, via the application “Home” (see settings of your iPad). You can of course also use an iPhone, to launch the application “Home”.

7 – Once on the application, you must click on “Add an accessory” and click on “Code absent or impossible to scan”. Your MyOmBox Bridge should appear if you are connected to wifi and have waited 5min after activation of Homebridge on MyOmBox …

MyOmBox bridge for non certified apple homekit system
MyOmBox bridge for non certified Apple HomeKit system

8 – Then you must “Continue adding” and enter the HomeKit code that you have already configured on the MyOmBox interface (step 3). Be patient it may take a few minutes.

9 – You will be able to configure your accessories 1 by 1 on your iPhone or Apple iPad, and start using them

Myombox homekit configuration detail
MyOmBox HomeKit configuration detail

What to do in case of a malfunction…

As previously explained, this compatibility HomeKit is not certified by Apple, so it is possible that you encounter malfunctions. The HomeKit system and the HomeBridge gateway that we use also have certain limitations. It is possible that future IOS updates will make this system unusable, but we will strive to maintain it in partnership with the open source community.

We advise you to test all the elements you want to control with HomeKit. If some do not work well you will have to remove them from the HomeBridge interface by unchecking them from the list and saving them at the bottom of the page. It will then be a “restart” HomeBridge.

You can not with HomeBridge have 2 accessories that have the same name. For example you can not call a light “Kitchen” and a shutter “Kitchen”, it stops the system!

1 – In case of problem, you can try to stop the HomeBridge service, restart your MyOmBox and then restart the HomeBridge service.

2 – If the problem persists it may be necessary to reconfigure your entire system. For this you need to go to your iPad / iPhone / Apple TV and delete the home to reset the application. Then select MyOmBox “Reset HomeBridge” to reset the system. It will be necessary to reconfigure your device …


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