Colissimo and initial setup of your home connected with myHome Play


It all begins with the arrival of the Colissimo, for the first installation of my future connected home. The parcel is well prepared and in good condition. It’s time to open it!

Reception with home automation products myHome MyOmBox
Reception with home automation products myHome MyOmBox

Naturally, the contents will vary according to your order. As far as i am concerned, I have received the “MyOmBox” box as well as the Zigbee USB stick, myHome Play certified , used as a gateway for radio-controlled plugs or switches. Each device is offered with a user manual. I then discover the MyOmBox v2. It comprises of 1 Ethernet plug RJ45, 4 USB sticks and a plug for the electric connection.


Before connecting the box, it should be noted that you should not disconnect it from the power source without going through the admin interface.  It is also advised (although not mandatory) as indicated in the official user manual, to install an inverter (starting at €62).
Having clarified these points, you need to connect the RJ45 Ethernet cable (provided) to the back of your internet box (still known as ADSL box or router) or on an Ethernet hub (or router). Both work well. Then, connect to the power source and wait around 3 minutes for the self-initialization of « MyOmBox ».

How to know what is happening?

First of all, you need to see a red light at the back of the box, which means that the box is indeed correctly connected to the power source. You should see the LEDs flashing where the network sockets are (one green and one yellow). This shall allow you to check that MyOmBox has been correctly initialized and connected to your ADSL box.

MyOmBox lumière réseau connecté
MyOmBox lumière réseau connecté

Then, if you have a Mac, you need to open your internet browser (Safari or Chrome) and enter the following address in the navigation bar: http://myombox.local.

If you are on Windows, you need to install Safari or the “Window Hello Service” or use a network scanner such as Net Scan. This will allow you to know your MyOmBox’s IP address. When typing it in your browser, you will be able to directly access the installation page. On my network, MyOmBox appears with the IP address, the ADSL box’s IP address being You may also go through your ADSL box’s administration settings and go on the ADSL Network page to find out your MyOmBox’s IP address.

You will see the following installation page:

Page d'installation de myombox
Page d’installation de myombox

The following phase will be explained in another article. We will talk about the connection and the installation of the USB Zigbee gateway for devices connected with the myHome Play system from Legrand / Bticino / Arnould.

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