Update 1.01 available – Application MyHome Play Radio


The 1.01 update is available, it brings many changes including corrections on the MyHome Play Radio system. Better management of Zigbee radio system with real time state feedback in the application (experimental features)

myhome play radio application and automation software
myhome play radio application and automation software

CAUTION: It is recommended to perform this update from a computer connected to your home network via a cable to limit the problems of wifi connection.
If you find any problems after the update and reboot the box, thank you to contact us quickly. Preferably use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Estimated update time: 2 minute

– Fix for generic IP cameras: Ability to use a secure connection via .htaccess and resolution of dash problem (–) in the URL.
– Complete redesign of the control system for MyHome Zigbee radio protocol.
– Fix for command groups of lights and shutters for MyHome radio when more than 3 actuators.
– Return System real–time status for the MyHome Zigbee radio between the switches and application. (experimental feature)
– Ability to send OpenWebNet frame with MyHome Zigbee radio in the “MyHome Console” from MyOmBox.
– Fixed and improved graphics.
– Linux System Optimization.
– New SSL certificate (SHA–512/4096 bits), allows the use of HTTPS with any IP for iOS & Android applications. Requires reinstallation ca.crt file. (100% functional on IOS, restricted on Android.)

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