Comparison of MyHome automation system with and without MyOmBox

The benefits of MyOmBox on MyHome home automation system

Last update of this article December 10, 2017.

The MyHome Home Automation products from Legrand, Bticino and Arnould are very design, performance and enable via dedicated applications, remote control of our homes. The main weakness was, in my view, the difficulty in finding a simple and powerful software that can meet current consumer expectations. That’s why I decided to get involved, financially and personally, in this project to provide people who want an alternative to existing applications.

It is difficult, to provide a perfect product because each person has different expectations, but my ambition is to get as close as possible to the needs of users in order to offer them a tool that helps them in their daily lives and meets their expectations. With the help of some professional installers with whom I communicate on the subject (and thank the way) I provides free updates to MyOmBox when required, which are my most requested.

For those who are not already convinced, here’s a partial list of the benefits derived by MyOmBox application on your installation.

The comparison is made below based on a home automation system with an OpenWebNet gateway (F454, F455 ) allowing the automation system to be controlled from outside.

Features Without MyOmBox With MyOmBox
Local access to a control interface.
yes yes
Access from the outside to a mobile control interface (3G, wifi ) yes
Secure connection and SSL encrypted. yes yes
Free remote update in 2 clicks. yes
Multiplatform and multi-brand management interface (SmartPhone, SmartTV, tablet, PC…) yes
With special optimizations for tablets and Apple IOS phones, with full screen software interface. yes
Application available on Google Play Store. yes
Application available on Apple App Store. yes yes
Multilingual interface: French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, German.
? yes
Organization and customize the display elements into categories. yes
Ability to differentiate actuators connected to lights, those used to control other electrical components (Heating, amplifier) Bus/scs and Zigbee wireless.
Actuators compatibility of several BUS. General, and groups. ? yes
Automatically reconnect on the interface with secure system. yes
Loading time of the interface after authentication with status lights. ~6 s ~3.5 s
Time to turn on a light in Wifi. System responsiveness when loaded. (Depending on the version) ~0.5 s ~0.1 s
Back to real-time status in the application of lights and dimmers for the wired system BUSDemo video yes
Back to real-time status in the application of lights and dimmers for MyHome Play radio Zigbee system. Demo video yes
Support installation with automatic detection of the elements on the bus/scs and Zigbee wireless network interface. yes
Management of lights (On, Off, Variation) yes yes
Delaying lights and groups of lights. Bus/scs and Zigbee wireless.
Automation management-type shutters (Open, Close, Stop) yes yes
Partial opening and closing of the electric shutters via a programmable timer. (Bus/scs and Zigbee wireless.) yes
Scenario Myhome Automation BUS/SCS yes yes
Management of internal and external temperature probes. ? yes
Management without the central heating temperature control. (with one probe and actuator 1 only) yes
Management MyHome wireless Radio Zigbee system  (requires myhome usb gateway) yes
MyHome Radio : Management of lights, shutters, dimmers and wall plug in wireless Zigbee. yes
Viewing video cameras and the doorman Myhome BUS/SCS + Door opener.
yes yes
View and manage IP video cameras. yes
Recording pictures from a bus or IP video cameras. yes
Netatmo weather station and rain gauge. yes
Managing Groups of mixed controllers. Wired BUS/SCS and Zigbee radio. (lighting, automation and decision ordered) yes
Creating scene of life (customizable OpenWebNet command, http trigger, heating, groups, lights, shutters…) Bus/scs and Zigbee wireless.
 – yes
Http trigger in order to interact with objects connected over IP (cameras, infrared transmitter, amplifier) yes
Create customizable and unlimited scheduling program. Bus/scs and Zigbee wireless.
Presence simulation. Bus/scs and Zigbee wireless.
Tracking log events. yes
System backup and restore the configuration. yes
Free email notification on different events.  – yes
Weather forecast for 5 days free.  – yes
For experts: console for monitoring and testing OpenWebNet frames  – yes
Management of heating with central thermoregulation 1zone, 4zones, 99zones.  yes
Record power consumption. (single-phase power & three-phase power)
Myhome sound management. (MyOmBox scenario)
Bticino Alarm ON / OFF (MyOmBox scenario) yes
myFox HomAlarm system yes
API to use MyOmBox with other services ex: IFTT
Automatic connection system from the outside. Allows you not to configure dyndns and NAT / PAT rules during installation.  –  yes
Apple HomeKit Compatibility (not certified) yes


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