New MyOmBox update is available with Plug & Play system – v1.08


A new MyOmBox update is available: version 1.08 including the addition of a Plug & Play cloud system to our product, simplifying the configuration at the customer in case of installation or internet access modification.

CAUTION: It is recommended to perform this update from a computer connected to your home network via a cable to limit the problems of wifi connection. Please wait while the display appears to be blocked.
If you find any problems after the update and reboot the box, please contact us quickly. Preferably use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Estimated update time: 6 minutes

– New: Added a cloud system and a new IOS / Android application (simpler to install and use. Fixes dynamic ip and port redirection problems)
– New: Modification of the MyOmBox logo.
– New: New translation into Chinese language.
– New: % of electric roller shutter adjustable from the MyOmBox scenarios + return status for compatible references.
– New: Implementation of the MyOmBox API allowing you to use a solution like IFTTT
– Evolution: Increase the character limit for the user name and password.
– Evolution: Visual size increase of addresses on several BUS since the administration of MyOmBox.
– Evolution: Upgrade of the MyFox home alarm (Somfy protect)
– Fix: Bug Netatmo display if multiple probes in different tabs.
– Fix: Security update. (Thanks to Tim T.)


It is advisable once your system is operational to make a backup of your configuration from the administration of MyOmBox (Data >> Backup). We also recommend that you make a backup after each update.

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