New MyOmBox release v1.05


A new MyOmBox update is available, version 1.05. Some fixes and improvements have been made including the addition of the German language and improving the mobile display. Central heating 1 zone 4 zones and 99 zones are available and the power consumption MyHome home automation at been added

CAUTION: It is recommended to perform this update from a computer connected to your home network via a cable to limit the problems of wifi connection.
If you find any problems after the update and reboot the box, thank you to contact us quickly. Preferably use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Estimated update time: 2 minute

– New: Support for thermoregulation central MyHome 1 zone 4 zones and 99 zones BUS/SCS
– New: Support for new HD IP cameras Heden with motion detection activated since MyOmBox.
– New: Support for single–phase AC power statement & consumption (ref F520, F523, 3522, 03555, 03557, 03554 …)
– New: New translation of the application in German.
– Evolution: Memory Optimization / display Bus and IP cameras.
– Evolution: Updating the Netatmo API and modifying the display of the accumulated rain. Data 24 instead of real time.
– Evolution: Improved loading times in offline + configurable ping mode. (No internet connection)
– Evolution: Ability to use a .htaccess authentication for Http triggers.
– Evolution: Improved Http triggers, setting up a timeOut and error management.
– Evolution: Graphic Corrections mobile version.
– Evolution: Ability to create a pulse 0.5s on a F411 actuator in scenarios and schedules programs.
– Evolution: Standardization of the display in some section.
– Correction: In the administration load the configuration of the gateway MyHome when ip changing.
– Correction: In the administration changing a light shutter actuator or with a secondary BUS ID.
– Correction: In the administration conflict in the terminal mode for orders OpenWebNet BUS and Zigbee.
– Correction: Configuring Netatmo station if a dash is present in the email.
– Correction: Display general temperature outside probe myHome.
– Correction: Problem selection of the category “Favorites” category where no other exists.

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