New IOS & Android version with Plug & Play


A new version of our IOS & Android app is now available. Below are the points you need to know to make it work.

Steps to update and use:

  • You must have a MyOmBox plugged into your ADSL box or into a router of your installation, in order to use this application. The green and yellow network lights on the box should blink. If not, please consult this article. Your MyHome bus or MyHome Play system must be installed on MyOmBox in order to control your hardware.
  • You must have updated your MyOmBox with the latest v1.08 update. You can check this by going to the administration of your MyOmBox: you should see the “Updated version” display under the title “MyOmBox Update” at the top right of the administration screen.
  • Then you must put your smartphone in wifi mode to make your phone on the same network as the MyOmBox. This is necessary (only during the first launch) for automatic configuration.
  • You can download or update the MyOmBox application from your  AppStore or PlayStore and launch the application. If your system is properly connected you do not normally have other manipulations to realize, it will connect automatically.

It is possible for people who wish, to not use our automated cloud service. In this case simply go to the settings of the iPhone application and click on “Manual Entry” or uncheck “Automatic outside address” on your Android smartphone.

Automatic connection: it allows you to connect automatically to your MyOmBox when launching the application after a countdown of 5 seconds.

Persistent connection (android): it keeps the application open in the background for faster reloading. But beware it consumes more battery and data.

2 thoughts on “New IOS & Android version with Plug & Play”

  1. Dear Nicholas, I am trying to use the app to control a bticino automation from a distance. I have been locked out and do not have an administrator e-mail set-up. Can you help me to regain access?
    Thank you

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