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Hello everyone,

Today is the launch of home automation blog MyOmBoxÂź, it has requested a little more time than expected, but it is finally online !!! I am not an expert in English, I hope that in reading my articles you will come to understand the content. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

The main objective of this blog is to help users and installers the proper setup of our system. But you will also find articles on the presentation of the MyHome home automation system of Legrand – Bticino Arnould, connected objects, news about our software as well as the progress of future updates … 🙂

MyOmBox in a technical box
MyOmBox in a technical box

Initially the items will be dedicated to the support of MyOmBox and will bring further information on the different options available and their configurations. The goal is to go into more detail and provide examples of configurations with screen shots, links aid

I think eventually achieve some articles dedicated to self-builders and novice home automation electricians. My goal is to guide them through a basic step by step installation, with information about the necessary material and technical prerequisites to know. Time is precious and read up several hundred pages like I did with the MyHome home automation system is not possible for everyone. I think a short summary will be welcome. 😉

Home automation system with MyOmBox housing compatible with MyHome Legrand Bticino arnould
Home automation system with MyOmBox housing compatible with MyHome Legrand Bticino arnould

Then comes the evolution of these MyOmBox and future connections to software or connected objects. More and more devices are communicating in our daily life and may have an interest to discuss with MyOmBox. I think of the multimedia systems of XBMC like the Sonos home audio products or our Google watches with Android Wear

Many items are coming on! The home automation systems radio type Z-Wave, EnOcean, and so on  are already well represented on the web, I have the advantage of being interested in home automation system from Legrand / Bticino / Arnould is somewhat neglected by passionate bloggers. The range wired BUS/SCS is much more affordable than the KNX for the common man (and radio-sensitive people), a technical point of view but also in terms of cost. This system, even if it is “less open” for the moment that its competitors, has a complete range of design products that already convince many customers (like me 😉 ).

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