Comparative external battery charging for tablet testing, telephone and Raspberry Pi

Test and comparison of 6 external batteries for Raspberry Pi, Smartphones and Tablets

As some (experts) have noticed, the MyOmBox application works with a Raspberry pi. In short, it is a nano-SBC about the size of a credit card. As with all computer systems, it is mandatory to have a storage system to record and read data, hard drive, an SSD drive or a SD card as is the case in our system.

Most storage devices may be susceptible to power surges, power outages or unstable power grid. This is why a backup battery or UPS should be considered to keep a reliable and functional system, including power grids causing problems. These batteries are commonly used on the go, to electrically recharge our tablets or smartphones that we rarely hold a charge for very long. The micro-USB power being identical on the raspberry pi diet, so it is possible to use these products without problems.

Comparison of battery for smartphone and raspberry pi
Comparison of battery for smartphone and raspberry pi

Our goal here is to smooth the supply current of our home automation box to prevent surges or power outages which can damage the storage device So we selected 6 products with performance and variable rates, but with all three very good feedback from users on Amazon. The reliability of this marketplace and it offers very competitive rates make these very affordable products.

The comparison of batteries

This comparison shows you the different characteristics of external backup batteries we tested.

RAVPower® 14000 TeckNet® 9000 EasyAcc® 8200
Batterie 14000 mAh
Dimensions 161 × 112 × 20 mm 101 x 65 x 27 mm 126×62.8×14.8 mm
290 g
 175 g 204 g
 Entrée  5V / 1.5A  5V / 1.5A 5V / 2A
 Sortie 5V / 1A & 5V / 2A  5V / 1A & 5V / 2,1A 5V / 2.1A
Options LED lamp + 2 connectors + 2 USB cables + 1 slipcover  LED lamp + 3 connectors + 1 USB cable 2 USB cables
Protection Surcharge, court-circuit, surintensité  fusible, surcharge, déflagration Surcharge, court-circuit
Note sur Amazon 4.4/5 – 155 votes  4.4/5 – 42 votes 4.7/5 – 3 votes
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RAVPower® 6000 RAVPower® 3000 Romoss® 2600
Batterie 6000mAh
Cellules LG cat. A
Cellules LG cat. A
Cellule Samsung
Dimensions  92 x 39 x 16 mm 108 x 22 x 22 mm 89.5 x 30 x 21 mm
Poids 158 g  86 g 68 g
5V  / 1.5A
5V / 1A 5V / 1A
5V / 2.1A
5V / 1A 5V / 1A
Options  1 USB cable + 1 slipcover LED lamp + 1 USB cable LED lamp + 1 USB cable
Protection  Surcharge, court-circuit, surintensité Surcharge, court-circuit, surintensité Surtension, court-circuit, surcharge
Note sur Amazon 4.3/5 – 45 votes 4.4/5 – 394 votes 4.3/5 – 147 votes
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 RAVpower® 14000mAh

The battery backup of the brand RAVpower version 14000mAh reference RP-PB13 is that with the largest capacity of our test, but it is also the heaviest. The charge indicator is pretty design and features four loading levels. The LED lamp is more a function of “gadget” that real flashlight, it does not illuminate much …

As for the accessories pack is fairly well supplied with a protective cover, 2 micro-usb cable to USB adapters and 2 different lengths. A micro-USB connector to mini-USB and micro-USB connector 1 to output iPod & iPad & iPhone legacy. No connection to Apple lightning included in this product, however the official line being provided with a USB on the other side you can use it. 2A USB output allows quick charging of iPad and iPhone that support this tension. Regarding our use UPS as the Raspberry Pi, this is not possible because it is not possible to recharge the external battery and use it at the same time … It‘s a shame. : – | However the battery works with the Rpi and can be a good solution on the go.

TeckNet® 9000mAh

The External power bank reference IEP390 by Tecknet® with capacity 9000mAh is a very interesting product because it allows to be used as UPS and system protection with Raspberry Pi. We connected in series between the power and our box (1.2A power supply with the micro-USB port is connected to the battery and the battery with the USB 2.1A output to the Raspberry Pi).

This battery also has a fuse that protects equipment from overload and explosions. We did several tests including the simulation of a power failure by disconnecting the power supply. The battery takes over immediately and without power cut, and most importantly, the Rpi does not stop! Ditto if you reconnect the power supply, the battery takes up the load without interruption. The indicator for charging this battery to 4 levels, allowed us to see also need a power supply at least 1.2A, so it does not discharge more quickly than using it. 2A power would be even better, the battery accepting input 1.5A.

EasyAcc® 8200mAh

The external battery recharge EasyAcc 8200 mAh is the only test of this with a new generation of battery Lithiumpolymer. With “normally” the advantage of being lighter, which is not really the case, as our TeckNet battery Lithium-ion 9000mAh weighs less at this 8200mAh battery

 In performance we have not push testing to compare the charge cycles, because none of our batteries have the same power … It PB8200M model has an aluminum casing of good quality, but the the disadvantage to add weight to the battery. The charging indicator and overall appearance are good. However, we find this battery, larger and heavier than the TeckNet … Moreover it is not possible to use it in this case because it can not be loaded and used simultaneously.

RAVpower® 6000mAh

This battery, reference Luster RP-PB17, manufactured by RAVpower is a pretty product design, relatively small for its capacity. Its aluminum trim and chrome finishes these give it a pretty cool look. For accessories there is the minimum, with a little more for the bag.

The LED flashlight like most of these batteries is not very powerful, but can still help … A load indicator is hidden under the chrome strip at the end of the battery, rather quiet and helpful. By cons it is unfortunately not possible to use this product with our system because the battery does not support charging and using at the same time

RAVpower® 3000mAh

This battery is the only one equipped with a real flashlight with 3 brightness levels (high, medium, flash) it can easily light up more than 20m. It is also part of the lightest and dressing all aluminum design and gives it a sense of quality in the grip.

 Also quite compact it fits easily into a bag without being noticed too. With a range you should be able to charge 1-2 times your cell phone batteries according to their capacity. You can charge it while it is used but its entry 1A may not be enough to charge the phone and battery. During our test on Raspberri Pi battery is drained faster than it is recharged, thus it is not possible to use in protecting our box automation. However with its ergonomic hand and practical design, this backup battery with a true flashlight has found its way into my bag and got everywhere. We just wish it did not load indicator to know the battery status … 💡 

Romoss® 2600mAh

External backup battery 2600mAh Romoss® is the smallest and lightest of the test product, but also one that offers the lowest autonomy.

The product is dressed in a plastic shell that seems solid. Furthermore it is possible to charge the battery and use it at the same time. However during a simulation of a power failure the battery does not takes over immediately and causes a power outage on our system … Which makes it impossible to use in our case.

Our opinion

You’ll understand if you want to use one of these as UPS battery backup for your Raspberry Pi PC case or automation MyOmBox it will direct you to the IEP390 TeckNet 9000mAh. Other batteries that can not handle well the energy sector switching between battery and this causes a power outage that restarts the Rpi

If your priority is the weight or size to the bag ladies eg Romoss Sofun 1 appears the most appropriate and generally will do a full charge or 80% of the battery of your phone. However for the same price and 18 grams more the RAVpower Luster mini 3000mAh represents for us the best price / quality ratio with its design aspect, its true flashlight and these 3000mAh

If your priority is the autonomy RAVpower 14000mAh seems to be the battery you need with a quality / price / power ratio.

If you want a balance between autonomy and portability of external battery charging RAVpower RP-PB17 6000mAh seems to be the best choice. It is fairly compact and easy to carry with its protective cover. And autonomy should allow you to charge your smartphone from 2 to 4 times.

2 thoughts on “Test and comparison of 6 external batteries for Raspberry Pi, Smartphones and Tablets”

  1. Thank you for the test results. I have been looking for a battery pack to be used as a UPS for a rpi and I didn’t find a good one. I’ll buy the tecknet. However I wonder how many months the serial UPS configuration will last with the continuous charge and discharge of the batteries

    I also tested a parallel UPS configuration. In the rpi usb output, I have a powered hub that already powers de rpi through the same usb output, with a voltage that is slightly above 5V! I’ve also tried to add the UPS function by connecting a power bank suplying exactly 5V to the rpi power input. The idea would be not to waste the batteries if there is not a power failure, and have the power bank enter into action only when thereis a power failure. The issue with this scheme is that most battery packs automatically shut down their output if you are not drainibg enough current from it. Have you tested this behavior on these power banks?

    1. The advantage of the technet battery and it allows to be recharged and powering the RPI same time. It has been several months since my battery and connect 7/7 24/24 and I have so far not been a problem. 🙂

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