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Comparative external battery charging for tablet testing, telephone and Raspberry Pi

Test and comparison of 6 external batteries for Raspberry Pi, Smartphones and Tablets

As some (experts) have noticed, the MyOmBox application works with a Raspberry pi. In short, it is a nano-SBC about the size of a credit card. As with all computer systems, it is mandatory to have a storage system to record and read data, hard drive, an SSD drive or a SD card as is the case in our system.

Most storage devices may be susceptible to power surges, power outages or unstable power grid. This is why a backup battery or UPS should be considered to keep a reliable and functional system, including power grids causing problems. These batteries are commonly used on the go, to electrically recharge our tablets or smartphones that we rarely hold a charge for very long. The micro-USB power being identical on the raspberry pi diet, so it is possible to use these products without problems.

Comparison of battery for smartphone and raspberry pi
Comparison of battery for smartphone and raspberry pi

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