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Control MyOmBox with Google Home

Dear clients,

Here’s a preview video of the next MyOmBox update! It will be available as of the next update (planned 4th quarter 2017).

With Google home, you can now control your MyHome Bus & Radio system from Legrand with MyOmBox, with precise voice commands!

This first step uses predefined voice phrases because this system uses the future MyOmBox API as well as the IFTTT application. It will be possible with some configuration to enter your own sentences that will trigger actions and link them to the MyOmBox API.

The second major step in our development will be the integration of MyOmBox and Google assistant in our future SoMyOm® application planned for 2018. This unique application will allow interaction between all connected objects, whatever their brand, for even more use fast and simple.

Thank you to all our customers for their support and patience. Our team is growing and our projects are constantly evolving to offer you the best innovative solutions.

Wobility team.

Some news about myombox

Hello everyone,

The next update of MyOmBox is under development and should be available this summer. This will add a “Cloud” function to connect to MyOmBox without a port forwarding system and without a DynDns system. However, it will be possible to keep this functioning for those who wish to remain independent of our cloud. An API for bidirectional actions will allow applications such as IFTT for the end of the year. We are also working on a brand new application (SoMyOm) that will be compatible with MyOmBox and will take our vision of home automation a little further. But there is still a lot of work. We will keep you informed. Thank you for your support and your patience.



A new MyOmBox update is available , version 1.06 with the addition of the MyFox alarm system. The next update is already in progress!

CAUTION: It is recommended to perform this update from a computer connected to your home network via a cable to limit the problems of wifi connection.
If you find any problems after the update and reboot the box, thank you to contact us quickly. Preferably use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Estimated update time: 5–10 minutes

– New: Alarm Management MyFox “home alarm”
– New: Management of Legrand reference 412000 (France) as object connected via the IP system.
– Evolution: Interface load optimization for the record of power consumption BUS / SCS
– Evolution: Support for new domain name extension to the SSL (,, no– …)
– Evolution: Display optimization for tablets in 960×600 and 1920×1200
– Evolution: Managing 3 additional modules Netatmo station and anemometer.
– Evolution: Adding a door opening button for BUS video entry.
– Fixed: Registration of consumptions for the year N–1 BUS/SCS